HOW CAN I OBTAIN THE TOTAL TAX-FREE FUEL? (NEW customer/not customer yet)

As a reminder, the TotalEnergies Diplomatic Card is reserved exclusively for natural persons and legal persons who are eligible for the exemption from the excise duty and from the VAT, which results in a tax-free fuel year quota/allowance (cf. Am I eligible for the TotalEnergies tax-free fuel?)

Only if you comply with said requirement, you can subscribe as a natural person or a legal person. Complete the requested information thanks you your Belgian ID-cards, issued by the Belgian Protocol Directorate. After, provide TotalEnergies the requested hard/original documents: SEPA direct debit form and the 136F declaration.

Upon endorsement of your 136 F form by the Belgian Administration of Customs and Excise, you will receive your TotalEnergies DIPLOMATIC TAX-FREE FLEET CARD(S) within maximum five business days.