is a direct debit mandate mandatory?

the sepa direct debit mandate is mandatory for individual customers using the totalenergies diplomatic tax-free fleet card for their ‘private/personal use’ linked to their personal/private vehicle. it is not mandatory to have a belgian iban account. indeed, if your bank has joined the sepa direct debit scheme, your tax-free fuel purchases can be direct debited from your most convenient european iban account.

the acronym sepa stands for single euro payments area. this european direct debit system (also known as core) allows individuals, businesses and organizations to use a single service in euros in many european countries, as long as their financial organization has joined the sepa scheme.

with this european direct debit mandate, your administrative tasks are simplified: payments happen automatically. in addition, your payments are always made on time and you avoid any surcharges for late payments.

diplomatic missions (i.e. embassy, consulates, delegations, representations, organisation, etc.) can pay their invoices by a manual bank transfer or a direct debit.